Do It Yourself Aluminum Clock (30") - Numbers

Do It Yourself Aluminum - Numbers

Product Description

Awesome Self Design Wall Clock. Slant and Slide the Numbers Anyway you Want. Great for Work or Home. A Wonderful and Fun Piece of Art for a Wall Clock

Product Features

  • Awesome Wall Clock
  • Adhesive so You Can Put the Numbers Anywhere
  • Designed to measure 30" in Diameter
  • Great for a Contemporary Room
  • Have Fun with the Numbers

Customer Reviews

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Most "Liked" Item by Visitors to Our Home, October 6, 2012
Joseph Tek Yun (Urbana, IL)
When visitors come over, this is the first thing they talk about. We live in a smaller condo, so there's not much to talk about (haha), but it's a quality clock that just looks beautiful. As an actual time-keeper it does a great job, but just know that there is a bit of difficulty setting it up and some pieces are fragile.

Beautiful Clock!!!, September 17, 2009
Alain M. Miller "Roadwarrior" (Trinidad, West Indies)
= Durability:   = Fun:   = Educational:  
I purchased this clock for my office to have a more modern look and does it ever. I expanded the numbers to create a slightly larger clock (as it is do it your self) The package it comes in is small and neat, the instructions are clear and it's quite easy to mount. 9/10 people that come into the office comment on the clock or ask where I purchased it. It seems so popular that I have actually contacted the manufacturer and will begin selling these and a few of their other wall clocks, they are really nice and keep time very well, the brushed aluminium finish is a nice touch as well.

Larger than expected, February 1, 2010
Trev (San Francisco, CA)
The nice thing about the clock is that you can space the numbers farther or closer to the hands depending on the space. Unfortunately the adhesive numbers and tick marks were larger than I expected so it didn't work for me. The tick marks are 3 1/2 inches long, which would have just looked strange on my wall. The metal ticks and numbers are attached to foam that's about an inch thick. Ultimately it doesn't look nearly as good as I had expected from the photo.

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